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    Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Dave Pivonka, Matt Fradd, Sr. Miriam James, Bob Rice, Chris Padgett, Mark Hart, Michael Gormley, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, Sarah Swafford, Andy Lesnefsky and many more!

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    Focus on the upcoming Gospel reading for Sunday, hear testimonies about how people have encountered Jesus, get reacquainted with “Faith Basics,” and learn about what Lent is all about.

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  • Diana
    These videos made my lent absolutely incredible.
  • Mike
    I am a High School Religion Teacher - I share your videos every day with my students on the big screen TV in my classroom. The impact these videos have is amazing. Thank you!
  • Jen
    I loved how user friendly redeemedonline is, the variety of speakers and the convenience of viewing your message any time or place.

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